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If you are even remotely as fanatic in debating theists as we are, you are familiar with all those one liners out there. They often clearly show that the other party hasn’t done their homework on the subject.
Quite often then, you’ll find yourself writing the same old response and arguments over and over again. A tiresome process, wouldn’t you agree?

A standard statement
Evolution requires just as much faith as believing in God.Every Theist Ever

In order to solve this problem we thought it would be nice to have one place where one can find answers to most of these questions. They ought to be written down plainly, briefly and comprehensively, so that the theist might actually take time to read them. This is the main thought and inspiration behind this website. Together with you, our small but dedicated ‘fan base’, we will add to this collection and rewrite and update them as necessary.

However, driven by quite the passion for everything related to science and religion, we probably won’t be able to stop there. In the (near) future this site may therefor expand also cover, for example, book reviews, relevant news and philosophic topics. What I also would find very interesting is to have guests writers appear on here, both theists and atheist in order to spur some sort of debate. Perhaps one of you feels the urge to write something?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!
Anyways, I hope that through this we can interact with you even more and perhaps, dare I say it, change the world!

All the best,

Michael, Erik & Wesley.

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