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Man in his arrogance thinks himself a great work, worthy the interposition of a deity.Carl Sagan
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God is dead!

God is dead, Nietzsche famously wrote in ‘The Gay Science’ and ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’. He wasn’t the first to claim this, he probably ‘copied’ it from one of his inspirations: Arthur Schopenhauer or Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. To claim God was dead wasn’t something special to Nietzsche, that was as clear as day and night. Rather, what follows it is of far greater importance and it is a rather prophetic text. “God is dead and we have killed him, you and I. How shall we live with ourselves, the murderer of all murderers?”

Let that sink in for a bit. What is Nietzsche asking here? He feared what might come after society threw of theocracy and theism. Those, after all, are the basis of our cultures and thus of our morals and our outlook on life. Throwing of theism for that reason is problematic. One is likely to start questioning anything and everything and may conclude that there is no inherent purpose, no inherent goals, no objective morality. The universe is completely indifferent to our existence and there is no loving father to take care of us. Nihilism awaits. And it shows; the western world is suffering a crisis of existential depression.

It is The Dutch Atheist’s goal not to have people en masse throw of theism, for who are we to take away one’s meaning in life, but rather to create a community for those who already have done so. So that they may learn how to cope with an indifferent universe. Overcoming the poison that is nihilism. We do however strive to diminish the negative aspects of religion whilst promoting sceptical inquiry and reason.

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