Knowledge is preferable to ignorance.

The history of the world is blackened by religion. From the burning of witches to the crusades- religion has moved us to do things that are beyond vile.

The present is a time like no other. Science has brought us far and has shown us the flaws in religion. There is no heavenly father watching over us and our consciousness is bound to our earthly bodies.

However, religion still heavily influences our current world and in the Middle East we see a religion that is becoming as violent as Christianity used to be.

We must free the world from the shackles of these ancient myths. Love on another not for how they are equal to you, but how they are different from you. Because, diversity is after all the beauty we all share.

Eric, Erik, Michael and Wesley.

The Dutch Atheist

Man in his arrogance thinks himself a great work, worthy the interposition of a deity.

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